MinecraftEdu Live Sessions

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What is this?

MinecraftEdu Live session is a online event where developers and teachers stream live video of them demonstrating MinecraftEdu. All events are free of charge and anyone can view them online. Our plan is to organize one event every month.
Events are split into categories, for example in one event we may demonstrate the new features of MinecraftEdu. In others we could be demonstrating how to customize your MinecraftEdu experience or we could be showing how to use MinecraftEdu tools to make awesome maps.
People hosting the MinecraftEdu Live sessions are actual MinecraftEdu Developers and teachers who have been using MinecraftEdu for years. Scroll down for more information on the next event.

Next Session

Session is held. View it in archive!

Upcoming Sessions

For upcoming sessions we already have a few ideas. You can view these ideas below. We also love user feedback, so be sure to scroll down to submit your ideas of what you would like to see!

  • Command Blocks
  • ComputerCraftEdu (demonstration of ComputerCraft and ComputerCraftEdu by creator dan200)
  • Configuring MinecraftEdu (settings, skins, resource packs)
  • Creating maps with MinecraftEdu (including the integrated build tools)


All old events will be recorded and are available through our MinecraftEdu Live Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe!


Want to see something specific in these sessions? Have some ideas, or want to give feedback on how awesome this concept is or do you just want to say hi?

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If you use Twitter, send your feedback using: #mcedulive hashtag.

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